Nintendo Reportedly to Release SNES Mini This Year


Eurogamer is reporting that sources close to them have confirmed that Nintendo will be releasing a mini version of the SNES, similar to the NES Classic Edition that was released last year.

Reportedly, development of the device is already under way, and will be launching in time for Christmas this year.

After the recent announcement by Nintendo that the NES Classic Edition is being discontinued, even though it was hard to find in stores throughout its entire life, my suggestion would be that if you really want one of these systems, you should definitely pre-order when available.

No games have been announced for the system yet, but its fun to begin speculating.  I’m going to guess that Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Final Fantasy IV (originally released in the US as Final Fantasy II) will more than likely be on the system.

Let me know in the comments which games you would like to see on this system.

Post Author: meeko

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