PlayStation Vita Came “Too Late,” Former Sony Exec Says

GameSpot has an article where a former Sony exec says that the PlayStation Vita is a “nice machine”, but it came “too late” to find and sustain a meaningful audience.


The article naturally goes into talk about the world shifting to portable devices that aren’t dedicated gaming machines.  It does not go into the ridiculously high priced proprietary memory cards, nor the way that Sony completely abandoned support of the system within a year of it coming out.  The PS Vita came out in the US in 2012, when smartphone games were on the rise.

5 million PS Vitas have been sold in Japan as of June 2016.  2.2 million units were sold in the US in the first 6 months of release, however Sony has not released current US sales figures.

While smartphones are surely a large part to blame for poor sales, there is definitely some market left for fans of dedicated portable video game consoles, myself included.  The PS Vita’s main competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, has sold nearly 60 million units worldwide.

Sony has yet to say whether it will make a PS Vita successor.  Next year, Nintendo will release the NX, which is rumored to be a console/portable hybrid.

I for one hope that Sony does make another portable console.  I absolutely love my PS Vita, and with my extensive “to buy” list for the Vita, I don’t see its support going away for a long time, even without Sony’s help.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Would you like to see another Sony portable console?  And what would you like to see Sony do different if they did make one?

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