PS Vita Production Ending in Japan

Multiple sources have confirmed that the PS Vita, which I consider to be the greatest console ever (not just handheld) will be ending production in Japan “soon”. Though, “soon” was not defined.

With game cartridges already stopping production, and the last of the physical releases coming out throughout this year, it looks like 2019 will be the final year for new PS Vita software and hardware. Maybe a few of those physical releases will trickle into 2020, who knows?

But the Vita will never die. Just like I continue to play all my old consoles from throughout my life, my 2 Vitas (OLED and LCD) will continue to receive play for the rest of my life. Especially given the amazing support from several software companies and limited physical release companies like Limited Run Games, Strictly Limited Games, play-asia, and others, my backlog of physical Vita games has grown tremendously.

This console truly had an amazing run, with an incredibly huge physical library of great games. It was ahead of its time, and managed to live a great life given its abusive parents (Sony) who seemed to regret creating it nearly immediately out of the gate, and did everything they could to try to kill it.

For the people who have fallen in love with this console, they understand how truly great and unique it is. And it will live on in our hearts, and continue to be played for a lifetime to come.

Post Author: meeko

Meeko is a child of the 80s, and a lifelong video gamer, dating back to the Atari 2600. His favorite genres of games are RPGs, Platformers, and Shoot 'Em Ups. In addition to video games, Meeko also loves cartoons and anything else that is cool.