Unreleased shoot-’em-up from 1994 “Hardcore” Gets New Life in 2019

“Hardcore”, was a Metroidvania platformer developed by DICE. It was set to be published by Psygnosis for the Sega Genesis, Mega CD, and Commodore Amiga in 1994, but it was never released, and development was abandoned. Now, thanks to publisher Strictly Limited Games, who located a copy of the original build in 2017, this game will finally get finished and will see a release in the first half of 2019. The console debut will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, which makes me very happy as a huge PS Vita fan. It will be available both physically and digitally, which also makes me very happy as a huge physical game fan.

The game will include vertical-scrolling shoot ‘em up stages, which originally had been planned to be exclusive to the Mega CD version.  This is very exciting news to me, I am looking forward to getting this game physically on PS Vita next year.  You can check out more information at the official website.  You can also check out the announcement trailer below:


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