November 6, 2016

Here is what I have been playing for the week ending 11/06/2016:

Nintendo DS

Dragon Quest V


Continued progress on this game.

Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy


Continued playing this game with my wife.  We got 2 more stars, for a total of 58.

PlayStation 3

Disgaea D2


I have a confession to make.  I have been playing this game for a long time.  A really long time.  I actually started the game in late 2014.  I finished the main story relatively quickly, in about 37 hours.  But everyone who has played a Disgaea game knows the fun doesn’t really begin until post game.  Except in this game, the final boss fight, Baal, is ridiculously hard.
I have now been playing this game for about 358 hours, and beating Baal is the last goal I have.  In fact, I completed everything else I wanted to complete at around the 150 hour mark.  I’ve spent over 200 hours levelling and preparing for Baal.  And I still can’t beat him.  In this fight, he has 6 or 7 forms, and I can only make it to his 4th form before getting killed.
I go through phases where I’ll play for awhile in hopes of finally beating him for good, only to prepare, fight him, lose, and then give up hope and stop playing for awhile.  I think what has held me back is that I’ve been preparing for the fight with only 2 characters, Laharl and Etna.  I think I’ve decided that if I want to beat him, I’m going to need a 3rd strong character.
So with that in mind, I have renewed my determination to beat Baal, and have begun preparing Valvatorez to join the fight.  This involves maxing Weapon Mastery, Basic Stats (Except for HP/SP), and Land of Carnage Bonus (Except for HP/SP).  I think with a strong Valvatorez, combined with my Laharl and Etna, I’ll be able to beat Baal soon and finally be satisfied with having completed everything in the game I want to.