April 08, 2018

Here is what I have been playing from 10/23/2017 – 04/08/2018

Whoa, I got a little backed up there, didn’t I? So I’ve decided to change the format a bit for how I write these What I’m Playings. In the past, I had been creating separate pages for each game I was playing, along with info like release dates and links and stuff like that. That was a lot to maintain, and as I started playing more games it became too much to keep up with, and then when I got backed up for a few weeks, it became even more of a burden to catch up on, so I decided to change things.

I am going to try to get back into doing these weekly What I’m Playing pages, but from now on, I am going to write them in more casual, conversational style.  I’m not going to create new pages for each game, nor put release dates and stuff like that.  I’m just going to talk about the games I’m playing this week, and what’s going on with my video gaming hobby.  I think I will enjoy that more and will therefore be able to keep up with it more.  And if you see me slacking off again, call me out on it on Twitter.  That will get my attention.

10/23/2018 – 04/08/2018

So what have I been playing in this time?  Well, for one, I finished Rainbow Moon finally!  And only 99 hours, too!  I’m waiting for Rainbow Skies now, I’ve got that sweet looking LE ordered already.

Me and my wife finished Super Mario Galaxy 2.  We then started (and finished) New Super Mario Bros. U.  And then for Christmas, we got a Nintendo Switch, and Super Mario Odyssey.  We became obsessed with Super Mario Odyssey for a while. (Actually, my wife became even more obsessed than me with the game) We finished the main story, and then tried to get as many moons as we possibly could. We ended well into the 800’s, I don’t remember the exact amount. The only ones that were left I think were the crazy hard ones like the 2nd Koopa Races and hitting the volleyball 100 times and jump roping 100 times.  The ones that we were never going to be able to get, so we finally gave up.  Since then, we’ve started playing NES Remix on the Wii U, and we’re still playing it now.

I finally finished my Child of Light Let’s Play.  This was my first Let’s Play. Check it out sometime and let me know what you think.  Speaking of Let’s Plays, I did my second one as well, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for PlayStation.  I really like this game, this was the second time I played it.  I’m working on a review now.  I’d be interested in hearing what you think of the Let’s Play, if you don’t mind watching it.

I continued playing Dragon Quest VI for the DS, and I have played it off and on for the last few months. Mostly off. After the incredible Dragon Quest V, the story for VI is not doing nearly as well at holding my interest.  I also continued a game which I was fairly close to the end of, but then stopped and hadn’t played in over a year, Atelier Iris for the PS2.  I played it a few times, trying to pick back up where I was.  I haven’t played it again for a while now, I need to get back to it before I forget everything that’s going on again.

I also did a really quick Let’s Play for Donkey Kong Classics .  This was my first video done recording live commentary while I was playing.  I mostly did it as an experiment to get used to recording live commentary, I am going to do this for some future Let’s Plays and First Impression videos.  Check out the Donkey Kong video and let me know what you think of it.

And finally, I started playing Sky Force Anniversary for the Vita. I’ve finished the main game, now I am trying to complete as many of the bonus medals and higher difficulty levels as I can before stopping.  I have been putting up videos of my runs of 100% Enemies Destroyed and No Damage medals on any difficulty level other than Normal.

I think that about catches you up on what I’ve been playing.  I may have missed some things that I played very briefly, but those are the major games.  From now on, this section should be shorter.  I like writing this up in this casual conversational style.  I’ll be back next week.