February 12, 2017

Here is what I have been playing for the week ending 02/12/2017:

Nintendo DS

Dragon Quest V


I made it to the final boss, but lost to him.  Going to grind some a bit and try again.  Will definitely finish this game this upcoming week.

PlayStation 3 / PS Vita

Rainbow Moon


Played another couple hours of this game.

Wii U

Super Mario 3D World


Continued this game with my wife, and had something interesting happen.  We accidentally found a warp pipe in world 4 and warped to world 5.  I got a little annoyed at first because I didn’t know that you could go back to prior worlds, and we didn’t want to warp.  We went ahead and completed about half of world 5 before our son told us how to go back to prior worlds.  We then went back to world 4, and completed about half of that.  So, no worlds finished, but we completed half of world 4 and half of world 5.