November 20, 2016

Here is what I have been playing for the week ending 11/20/2016:

Nintendo DS

Dragon Quest V


Continues to be my main game.  Passed the 30 hour mark in gameplay this week.  Recorded some more gameplay footage for the upcoming review.

Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy


Great news!  My wife and I finished the game this week!  We got our 60th star, and beat Bowser.  We’ll have a review up eventually.  Now we’re planning on starting Super Mario Sunshine next week.

PlayStation 3

Disgaea D2


Still preparing for my next attempt at beating Baal.  I believe I have my Valvatorez levelled enough.  Now I’m just going through and getting the necessary Innocents he needs in order to be able to survive Baal’s second form.  I’m hoping that by this time next week, I’m finally done with this game.